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CBG + Hemp Oil Tincture REVIVE


Concerned about getting sick, feeling tired, poor athletic performance, or suffering from the effects of a dreadful hangover? Need more fuel to get through the day or to give your immune system a boost? Meet REVIVE by Smilyn — combining the maximum benefits of Hemp + CBG, lemon-lime flavor, and adaptogens to provide a much-needed refill for the mind and body..

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Lab Tested THC Free Non-GMO

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Product Description

CBG: Because it is non-psychotropic, CBG has a talented range of potential therapies, including pain reliever, therapy for psoriasis, and an antidepressant. CBG is thought to be particularly effective in treating glaucoma because it reduces intraocular pressure, an effective antibacterial agent, found to be effective in decreasing the inflammation characteristic of inflammatory bowel disease, and is showing great promise as a cancer fighter. In a recent study, researchers showed that a form of CBG (without THC) was a highly effective appetite stimulant. This may lead to a novel non-psychotropic therapeutic option for severe weight loss seen in late stage cancer and other diseases. CBG also tested superlative at inhibiting muscle contractions, so it may be a future tool in preventing bladder dysfunction disorders.

Adaptogens: Lions Mane Mushroom, Ashwagandha

Cannabinoids: 900mg Cannabidiol, 100mg Cannabichromene (CBC)

Terpenes: Peppermint Terpenes, Spearmint Terpenes, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene, Myrcene, Nerolidol, Phytol, Borneol, Menthol, Alpha-Terpinene, Alpha-Terpineol, Alpha-Pinene, Gamma-Terpinene, Terpinolene

Tasting Notes: Lychee

Shelf Life: 18-Months

Directions: Shake well before each use. Fill the dropper, squirt under your tongue, hold for 60 seconds and then swish around your mouth before swallowing. The premium hemp extract tincture is fast-absorbing and simple to use, yielding quick and effective results.

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