THC-P Cartridges: Top-Awarded Product Of 2022

THC-P Cartridges: Top-Awarded Product Of 2022

New discoveries are constantly popping up in the hemp industry. THC-P is a chemical found in raw form hemp plants. It is the powerful naturally occurring cannabinoid that can be the solution to all your problems.

When it comes to choosing THC-P from the top brands across the market, you should always insist on high-quality ingredients for the ultimate experience. While searching between products, make sure you find ones that are manufactured using natural and organic ingredients that are safe to consume and avoid any sketchy or unfamiliar ingredients until you explore them better.

The Most Potent Cannabinoid

Until recently, Delta-9 THC was considered the most potent psychoactive cannabinoid. According to research, THC-P may be 30 times more powerful than your regular THC, at least in terms of activating the biological receptors in the body.

  • 63 times more potent than THCV.
  • 33 times more potent than D9-THC.

Farm Bill Compliant

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, THC-P is just another legal cannabinoid and as long as a product doesn’t contain over 0.3 percent of Delta-9 THC.

Smilyn Live Resin THC-P Vape Cartridges

Sativa Banana Sundae: Banana Sundae strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that features a sweet, buttery fruit-forward terpenes profile. It is created through a cross of the delicious Banana OG and Sundae Driver strains.

Hybrid Fruit Loops: Fruit Loops, also known as Fruit Loop Haze is an hybrid-dominant strain that smells as good as it tastes. It is a cross between Blue Dream, White Widow, Grapefruit, and Blueberry. The flavor is tropical, fruity, berry, and sweet.

Indica Black Mamba: Black Mamba is an indica-dominant strain denoted to be a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Black Domina. Black Mamba produces a typical Indica high with a body stone that is powerful but not overwhelming.

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