Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Sends Delta 8 Report to Lawmakers Seeking Regulation

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Sends Delta 8 Report to Lawmakers Seeking Regulation

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission wants the psychoactive cannabinoid Delta 8 THC to be regulated. After much research over months, the commission released recommendations to the General Assembly.

The commission collaborated with industry stakeholders, studied the policies of other states and tested Delta 8 products from stores across Maryland. Its consensus is Delta 8 products need regulation.

Commission Recommendations for Delta 8

Among its findings, the commission made the following recommendations:

  • Hemp-derived products should be tested for contaminants, including heavy metals, bacteria and chemicals.
  • Labeling should include a universal symbol indicating the product contains THC, warning labels, a list of ingredients and a certificate of analysis showing the product has been tested.
  • The packaging should not be attractive to children.
  • Therapeutic claims must be substantiated by clinical evidence.
  • Manufacturing must follow Food and Drug Administration guidelines known as Certified Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Retailers must be licensed by the state.
  • Increase public health messaging about risks associated with THC products.

Maryland Policy and Government Affairs

"I think that our report really shows there is a need here and that a gap does exist in sort of a regulatory gap, and that a lot of other states have already chosen to take action on it," stated Andrew Garrison, deputy director of MMCC's Office of Policy and Government Affairs. "I do believe that given the nature of our report and the research that really shows a need, I would anticipate them working on it this session."

Co-founder of Culta, a licensed medical marijuana company, stated, "All intoxicating cannabinoids need to be regulated, need to be tested and need to be held to the same high standard as medical marijuana in Maryland.

The General Assembly still must set up the state's recreational marijuana industry after Maryland voters approved ballot Question 4 in November.

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