Best Delta 8 Chocolate Bars in 2022

Best Delta 8 Chocolate Bars in 2022

Chocolate is versatile — lending itself to a multitude of possibilities — and it’s the perfect product for tasty, textured mix-ins. If you have a sweet tooth, chances are chocolate bars are high on your cravings radar. And if you have these cravings, you are not alone. An estimated 58 million pounds of chocolate are sold every year.

We have the best Delta 8 chocolate products that will wow your taste buds. And the best part about these Delta 8 chocolates — they are available at Smilyn Wellness year-round. Each Smilyn Delta 8 chocolate bar comes in vibrant packaging.

Smilyn chocolate bars are consistently excellent and delightfully sweet. So, let’s look at the best Delta 8 chocolate bars that will curb your sweet tooth and make any day a little bit sweeter.

Delta 8 Chocolate Flavors

Milk Chocolate

You'll be amazed by how a few squares of velvety Delta 8 Milk Chocolate can hold so much unquenchable joy. Treat yourself or share with friends, it’s a true party favor. Milk chocolate does not get nearly enough appreciation, but it’s a delicious addition to the Smilyn lineup of Delta 8 products.

Dark Chocolate

Make any moment more delicious with the rich taste of indulgent, dark chocolate. This dark twist Delta 8 Dark Chocolate is perfect for sharing. The bar has a rich dark chocolate flavor without being bitter. It’s also fair trade certified, non-GMO, peanut-free, and gluten-free.

White Chocolate Caramel

Experience luscious, buttery caramel in our rich, decadent Delta 8 White Chocolate for the ultimate treat. Crafted using high quality ingredients and melt-in-your-mouth indulgence. White chocolate is more than just an ingredient — it's complex, rich, and indulgently sweet.

Ruby Red

It’s the new millennial pink chocolate that has popped up all over the chocolate world. Delta 8 Ruby Red is quickly selling out and has become a Smilyn fan favorite. Made without added flavor or coloring, premium ruby red chocolate tastes fruity and boasts a sweet, berry-like flavor. It’s completely unlike milk or dark chocolate, seeing that it’s not overly milky or bitter.

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